Square Peg ● Round Hole







At the close of yet another year, I thought it would be appropriate to remind fellow social media users of a few suggestions to follow if you want to maintain friends on Facebook or followers for other sites.   Truly, I am giving you a gift.  Maybe you are unaware of how annoying it is that you put vague posts or constantly asks people that agree with your posts to copy and paste them on to their page.   Ugh!   I will say those are not the only two things that are seriously in violation of social media etiquette.

1. Please stop adding me into groups that sell stuff.

I am so glad that you are selling Tupperware, but I don’t want to be in your group.  Inviting me is fine because that gives me a choice.  Adding me, without my blessing, is like taking me hostage and forcing me to listen to your Tupperware presentation.  Fortunately, there is a button where I can leave the group….which I use and it makes me not want to purchase anything from you, so there’s that.

2.  Please don’t tag on to my birthday greeting

If you can take the time to add “Happy Birthday” under my initial greeting then you have time to deliver your own individual well wishes.   Enough said.   That’s like signing your name to a present that I bought.   Get your own.

3. Stop asking me to copy and paste stuff

Of course, I hate cancer and want a cure, but I will not copy and paste stuff to my wall.  Not only is it just an annoying request, but the passive aggressive underlying theme has got to stop.  There are lots of stuff I am passionate about, but copying and pasting is not happening.

4.  Political Rants

I get it.   You aren’t happy with the state of affairs.  Every once in a while is fine, but if it takes up your whole page….everyday…..all day…. and it is all you think about, then maybe professional help is needed.

5.  Vague Posts

I get it…..you want someone to ask “what’s the matter”.    If you don’t want to share what is going on, then don’t post at all.  If it is private then just leave it that way.  Vague posts are simply baiting someone to ask.

6.  Don’t friend me if you really don’t know me

I get these friend requests all the time from people I don’t know.  While we have mutual friends, I don’t know you, so I will pass.

7.  Overly personal mushy posts about a spouse or significant other with the exceptions of anniversaries , engagements or weddings.

So, you have married the man of your dreams and you continually post about how he is the wind beneath your wings.  He knows your every whim and is your soulmate.  Less is more.  The reality is if you are boasting about your partner all the time who are you trying to convince?    Smoke and mirrors, my friends.

8.  Don’t use social media as a way to bully

If people don’t agree with you, don’t use social media as a way to aggressively disagree by saying unkind things to one another.  Honestly, agree to disagree and grow up.

These are just a few that popped out at me.   Social media used to be fun.  It was a way to connect and share our lives with others.   By some twist of fate, it has become a haven for hate layered with bad social etiquette.    So, in the spirit of the holidays, let’s be kinder to one another….more respectful of people’s online space……most importantly, let’s remember to be the person, both on social media and in person, that we want to see in the world.