Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with the thought of being alone.  Let me clarify by saying there is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely.   For the last four or five years at Christmas time, the boys in my family leave for a warmer climate to visit family while I bask in my own light.  (That sounds a little weird and egotistical, but whatever, I am going with it.)

We all need space.  A place to dwell that allows us to rest, refuel, and simply regain some footing in order to move forward.  Some people aren’t comfortable with being alone, but I have never had that problem.   Being comfortable with me provides an excellent companion.  The week is filled with reconnecting with girlfriends and spending quiet time with my fur babies along with writing, meditating, and not adhering to anyone’s schedules.

Don’t get me wrong, the moment my family walks back in the door after their vacation, my heart is full, but the separation always enhances the old mantra “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Alone time is an important part of my self-care regime.   It doesn’t have to be a week.  It can look anyway that you are comfortable with, but what is important is that you make it happen.  Whether it is 15 minutes sitting quietly or taking a weekend for yourself, alone time is emotional fuel.   It is the process of reconnecting with myself that allows me to be the best version of me for everyone else.