Square Peg ● Round Hole







The arrival of a new year provides a layer of excitement.   It provides us with a clean slate and allows us to envision the possibilities of 2017.    This is the time to “take out the trash”, so to speak, and clear a path for all the newness that is ready to greet us.

As I look back on 2016, I am mindful of zeroing in on those relationships/situations/career issues that are no longer working for me.   It is a time to apply the three “Rs” – Reflection, Renewal, and Release.   My reflection process is merely looking back on the year and figuring out what needs to go.  Does it empower me?  Does it give me joy?  If I can honestly answer those questions with a resounding “YES”, then it (which can be anything in your life), can remain, otherwise, remove it.

The renewal process is simply figuring out what you want your life to look like.   What will bring you the pure bliss that you are missing?   The biggest thing to remember is to not be afraid of moving on from anything including relationships. I wrote a lot about my spiritual cleanse in 2015, which talked about removing toxic relationships and how it transformed my life. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, then let it go.  Fear of change is one hell of a roadblock, but being stagnant is far worse.  Been there.

The only step left is to release it.  It might sound easy, but old habits are hard to break, making a change can be uncomfortable, and there will be a sense of loss especially when dealing with relationships.  Easy does it.  Allow yourself time and patience to walk through this process.  My spiritual cleanse took over a year, but the freedom in releasing something that no longer served me was empowering.

Make 2017 the best year ever.   Don’t allow outside distractions to deter you from your life purpose.      The new year is all about being the example you wish to see in the world and knowing that the best version of you is a work in progress.