Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last night, I spent over an hour – that I will never get back – registering Bryce for his first round of the ACT.  The issue was getting the perfect photo for identification purposes.  It was either overly blurry, not a close up of the face and on and on.   I don’t remember them caring about identification back in the good ole days when I took this obligatory test.  In fact, I probably should have had a body double to take mine.    Finally, when the I received the message – your photo has been successfully uploaded – I literally ran around screaming victoriously.  Only Bryce seemed to understand my glee of accomplishing this task.

While we were filling out this invasive questionnaire – by the way, I don’t remember the ACT caring about what I wanted to major in or what my grade was in Freshman English – I had a sense of panic mixed with excitement.  You have to remember that this is my first time at this particular rodeo as Bailey’s journey has been a tad different.

I am in the process of being mindfully present while walking through this process.   The best part of this is Bryce’s willingness to want us to join him on the journey.  He only exhibits a slight air of annoyance, but generally seems just as excited as we are.  Last night, Brian told him how proud he is of all that he is accomplishing and Bryce – because he is a fifty year old man – responds that he is proud of us too – without a sarcastic tone.  Holy crap!  When your kid says that he is proud of you it is like we have finally arrived.   Hearing that from your own child serves as a reminder that our kids are looking at our actions.  While they hear the words (sometimes), it is imperative that it is followed up.   We are not perfect.  This parent gig is hard, but I wouldn’t change doing it for anything in the world.