Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t think I was ever as attuned to my inner radar as I have been in the last few years.  That connection with my inner self has saved me from walking into situations that aren’t safe – not exactly in the physical sense, but more in line with emotional serenity.   When my instincts are heightened, for whatever reason, it is as though alarms are ringing and I literally have the notion to run and not look back.   In the past, I would ignore those signs through rationalizing the situation, but in the end, my gut ALWAYS rang true.

Not trusting myself was a huge factor in going against my better judgement.  I was in the phase of not feeling competent enough to trust anyone really, but especially myself.   I had to get into a place where I believed that everything that happens does so with my highest and greatest good in mind and build a foundation of faith in ME.   Outside entities were not always a reliable connection.   That faith and trust extended to my Higher Power.  He provides my internal GPS.

Today, I am mindful.  Mindful that when I have a strong reaction to a person or situation, I need to pause and pay attention.   Pray about it, meditate on it, and know that by trusting those signs, I am avoiding a potential harmful situation.    Is it easy?  Of course not, but regardless of how anyone else interprets my actions, I need to be true to me.