Square Peg ● Round Hole







This advocating for myself has gotten out of hand.   I chuckle as I write this because, this is my experience when God is trying to teach me.   In the last 24 hours, I have gotten three opportunities to exclaim, “No, that isn’t going to work for me” and be able to explain my reasons.  This lesson learning is exhausting, but important for me to empower myself.

The beauty is my ability to state my reasons in clear, kind, and factual tones.   Anger has never resolved anything in my experience and by sticking to the facts instead of getting emotional, the results lean in my favor.   It is a spiritual awakening of sorts, but seriously, why has it taken me forty-nine years to get the gist?    Okay……if I am going to be honest, I am a slow learner and forget quickly.

This spiritual being on a very human journey is gaining some tremendous insight on this concept of empowering myself.   You know, I spend a lot of time encouraging others, so why am I not on the list?   Maybe it is because my core values are centered around helping others, but I forget that in order to help others, I need to help myself first.   It is the whole “put on your oxygen mask first, and then assist other people” motto.  I just seem to get it backwards.

So, I will continue to be open to this  “self-advocating, empowering me” awakening that God is providing for me.   After all, He really does know a thing or two about life, so I will continue to follow His lead.