Square Peg ● Round Hole







It has been over eight weeks since the election.  Eight weeks that even with the holidays has been a shit show of insult slinging paired with snide commentaries.   My nonpartisan action, to keep my serenity in check, has been to stop following and possibly unfriending those that seem to wallow or gloat.   Their every thought, emotion, attitude is either tainted or amped-up by the election results.   Time has stopped and they are lingering in their own rendition of Groundhog Day.

My corner of the world has kept plugging away.   Laundry still needs tending to, the college sector has decided to vomit all of their “caring” letters regarding Bryce on my doorstep, and monsoon season has settled upon our fair city.   My small area of the universe isn’t consumed with the details of the inauguration or the election results.    I am more focused on being of service to others, keeping up with my family’s needs, and, God forbid, committing to a regime of self-care.   That is not saying I lack empathy.  I get it, but in order to make a change, we have to commit to stop complaining, name calling, and most of all pushing people away when we should be pulling people together.  It simply contributes to the negativity that seems to cloud our current reality.  Change is hard.  Change has one main ingredient….fear.  When we allow fear to expand, we are giving into the notion that change has nothing else to offer.  No possibilities.  No hope.

Mother Teresa once said, “What can you do to promote world peace?  Go home and love your family.”    So, that is what I am going to do.     Isn’t that more spiritually fulfilling?  Doesn’t that change your perspective when you are with those you love?   Frankly, my corner of the world is pretty full and lively, so I would hate for the distraction of a situation that I am powerless over to rob me of a full and colorful existence.