Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am not overly adventuresome, but I am expanding my horizons with the ability to be a little bit more curious regarding things I haven’t tried.   With the new year, I want to focus on mind, body, and spirit.   I usually do a pretty decent job with all three, but I want to bring my A game this year.   So, as my guys eased back into their routine, I headed to my first adventure……Halotherapy.

Halotherapy is salt therapy which has been shown to benefit the immune system, life balance, and energy.   In Louisville, our destination is Louisville Salt Cave and it is constructed using five tons of the earth’s purest and unpolluted salt.  It is 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time while you breathe in salt particles.  It eases allergies, inflammation, and increases energy, while supporting a deep relaxing atmosphere.

Okay, so I told you what it is, now let me tell you about the experience.  The room was clad in stone, soft lighting, and the ceiling twinkled with lights.  Shoes are left outside, but socks are worn which protects the salt floor.   As I settled into my Zero Gravity chair covered in a blanket, I could instantly see the benefits.    Once the door closed, soft music played while every few seconds the halogenerator delivered salt particulars that aids in the process. Once my session started, I focused on my breath and eased into a meditative state.  When my session had ended, I felt relaxed, energetic, and extremely present.

Now, this isn’t for everyone.  If you are closed minded, don’t believe in 45 minutes of quiet time, don’t want to feel energetic or have an instant relief in congestion, you can simply ignore this post.  Trying new things is my process for personal development.   It pushes me to expand my limited view of the world.  My whole outlook changes when I shift into the mindset that life feeds off of my curiosity.   When I continue to search, examine, and experience, then I am fulfilling my part of the journey.   Oh….and yes, I am going back!