Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are flawed.   That is something that all of us can agree upon.   With that comes a degree of responsibility when we make mistakes…..owning that flaw.   It seems this week, God has decided that it is time I flex my “speak my truth” muscle in the context of others simply not being accountable.

Accountability requires humility.  Being able to admit that you made a mistake and owning it is far braver and admirable than ignoring it or simply blaming someone else.  The situations this week allowed me to express rather than repress.   When I hold back my truth, it boils within and comes out sideways which affects how I interact with others.

Despite my inquiries to these individuals, no one owned their part.     I can’t make anyone be accountable.    The only thing I am responsible for doing is being true to me.  Is it frustrating?  Absolutely!    But, my frustration doesn’t fester like holding back for fear of confrontation.     I can simply move on knowing that I have done all the next right things.

One of the situations exhibited the classic – he said, she said.   I had to be diplomatic in my approach when neither one of the individuals in question were going to own their part.  But, they were willing to point the finger at the other person.  What did I learn?  That I didn’t have to throw either person under the bus.  In other words, I didn’t have to add more conflict or drama.  After all, I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

With each experience, I move into the mindset that I can have a thoughtful, yet empowering exchange that is free of conflict and drama.   Others might not be accountable with their actions, but I can be accountable with mine.