Square Peg ● Round Hole







Here is the deal…….I am not artistic in the creating a scene with tools other than my laptop.   Give me some words and I can make semantic art, but give me a paint brush and I will give you a blank canvas.  Seriously, even my stick people are subject to interpretation.

Reluctantly, I signed up to do an “art” girl’s night out with some ladies that I have known a while.  We all graduated from high school back in…..well…..it was just yesterday. It was not your typical wine and paint gathering, but stencils on wood.   My anxiety is deeply rooted because my last experience resulted in my piece of art being hung in the house where no one could see it.  Apparently, my spouse suddenly became an art critic.  The Fleur de Lis I painted looked like a elaborate plus sign.  I figured that I couldn’t screw up using stencils or at least I hoped that would be the case.

I had chosen a relatively easy design (see the finished product in the photo).  What I wasn’t aware of was that assembly was required.  You see I paid money to sand, stain, screw, and stencil my own wood masterpiece.  I thought all we were doing was painting using stencils.  I wasn’t aware of the drill and sanding portion of the program.   I did utilize assistance….a lot of it.   Look, it takes a village to help me work though my PTSD over the distorted Fleur de Lis.  I was determined to impress my resident art critic.

What I found was that I had fun….working.  Okay, it wasn’t all work.  We socialized, drank adult beverages, snacked on appetizers, and celebrated several people’s 50th birthdays.  If I had allowed the fear of trying something new, I would have missed out connecting with some entertaining ladies and adding a masterpiece that has found prominence in the our living room.    Maybe you can teach this well-preserved lady new tricks or at the very least, maybe I am becoming less resistant.