Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have learned in my vast forty-nine and a half years, that true achievement comes from the thought process of at least trying even if it makes me uncomfortable.    It was so easy for me to make excuses for my behavior, attitude, and lack of ambition.   I believed it was everyone else’s responsibility that I wasn’t living my best life.  In other words, my accountability tank was empty, but my excuse meter was off the charts.

The realization that I would stay in the same place and feel the redundancy of my feelings of inadequacy was enough for me to walk through some difficult situations and find my true sense of self.    I no longer make excuses for not accomplishing goals or attempting something new.   Failure is only evident by the lack of trying.

Some of my greatest achievements came as a result of simply being  sick and tired of being sick and tired.    A little fear mixed in with the willingness to do something different is the perfect recipe for tackling a new endeavor, and stepping out of what has felt comfortable.   I get to create the kind of life I want.   My choices allow me to figure out what works and what doesn’t.   If it brings me happiness and contentment, then it stays.  However, if it makes me feel less than passionate or fills me with dread, then it may be time to take that leap of faith.   If you want the best life for all of those you love, why wouldn’t you choose that for yourself?