Square Peg ● Round Hole







I said it before in a blog titled, “Can I Be Honest?”, but I have so much more to say that I thought I would write another entry.    I know that many are sad today.  That the world seems ominous and dark.  There is a sense of gloom that lingers for many.  For those of you who feel sad, find something that makes you feel warm, safe, and embraced.  Is it your family?  Your pets?   Look to them today to allow you to see all the good in the world.

If you can’t allow your eyes to focus on the swearing in of a new president, then be of service to someone.  Reach out to others.  Be kind.   Be respectful.  Be the example you wish to see in the world, but don’t take your frustration out on others.  Don’t become dark simply because your candidate didn’t win.  The same goes for those who are excited about today.   Don’t allow other people’s opinions taint your outlook.

We are all in this together.   Our common spiritual purpose is to create a country that our children, grandchildren, and all those that come after can be proud to call home.  I don’t have a crystal ball, am not psychic, nor is my intuition heightened…..I am just a spiritual being living a very human existence.   I want the best for all of us.

So, as we walk through our day and every day after, focus on the goodness that is everywhere, find a way to be of service to each other, smile at strangers, hold the door for someone…….just be kind.   If you can’t be kind, well, then it may be a lonely four years for you.   There are no guarantees, but there is always possibility.  Possibilities can bring hope if you are open to it.