Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I have a return policy regarding relationships.   It isn’t something I do lightly, but more to keep me invested with those that serve a purpose.   I wanted to revisit this topic since we are starting a new year, and you might be wanting to make a change in your own corner of the world.

Let me say that I deserve honest, loving relationships.  We all do.  I know that before I was ready to admit that these relationships no longer served a purpose, I rationalized their importance…….for years.     It wasn’t until I was fully ready to move on that I was able to disengage.   It isn’t easy especially if the connection has been intertwined.  There is a grieving process and a point where you may question if this is the right decision.  You may waiver, but trust me when I say, that the space that is left open will be filled by something more…..a person who deserves your time, love, and will empower you.  Trust your instincts.

My gut had told me on several occasions that this person wasn’t safe.   I wanted to rationalize that feeling.  I wanted to dismiss it.    I didn’t want to believe that all the investment put in returned zero profit.     Lopsided relationships blanketed with distrust aren’t attractive, but it took a shift in my perception to see the clear picture.

In the new year, take an honest look at the people in your life.   Are they lifting you up?  Can you trust them?   Those are the main questions that can pinpoint whether it is beneficial to stay or go.    I spent my life conforming to other people’s belief systems or hiding behind my true self.    I couldn’t admit that I was WORTHY of quality friendships.   But, I am worthy…..we are all worthy.    Just like you are purging your closet, turn your attention to your heart issues in terms of people.    Create a circle of empowering, trustworthy, dynamic individuals who only want the best for you and you for them.  Your life will transform itself once you have rid yourself of the “non essential” personnel.