Square Peg ● Round Hole







Everything seems to overly inflated…..egos, media reports, people’s sensitivity, etc….that I feel like we are losing our edge.    Take for instance weather reports of snow.  Where I live, snow happens, but you would think it is an apocalypse of zombies when an inch is in the forecast.   Full of drama, schools close before the first flake hits the ground.  It leads to my generation shaking their heads and wondering if we are raising a group of overly soft individuals who will have trouble identifying when there is a real crisis.

This morning I get a recorded call at 5:10 am, from my son’s school with the message that school was cancelled.    I look out the window to an alarming sight….dry asphalt and even scarier, a brownish-green lawn.   Oh, the horror!!!   Are we teaching our kids that operating out of fear is the way to walk through life?   Are we instilling a quality of taking the easy way out versus taking a harder approach?    It is all so baffling.

In the 1978, Louisville was hit with a blizzard that came on the heels of a previous snow event that dumped fifteen inches, so school was cancelled for a while.  This was before modern weather technology, cars that performed more efficiently in snow, and, well, you get the gist.   I remember being on the playground when it was just snowing a little bit and no one batted an eye.  Nobody freaked out, nobody had reporters on the roads waiting for the first flake to fall, and we certainly didn’t expect school to be called off for an inch of snow.   This is a generation of lightweights and we have contributed to their sensitivity by buying into the dramatics.

So, a snow day it is and while I am typing, flakes have started to fall.  I am sure that every newscast will have their sturdy reporters braving the intense “snowstorm” talking about how treacherous it is……all day long.    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good snow event with schools closed, but apparently my image of that doesn’t match the reality that exists here.