Square Peg ● Round Hole







Among the overdramatic, oversensitive, and overbearing, we have now approached being overly apologetic.   Frankly, I am pretty over it…….insert giggle because, well, I made myself laugh.    Maybe because I am approaching my fifties and I am mindful about accountability.   Not just being accountable for when I hurt someone or make a blunder of sorts, but also being accountable for owning my fundamental beliefs and not apologizing for them.

As a writer, I make a habit of not leaving much for interpretation.  When I am passionate about my core values and beliefs, I will not apologize as they are mine and I own that.   Our society walks on egg shells to not offend anyone, but inevitably someone is going to be offended.   If someone doesn’t agree with me, I don’t need to be sorry, I can simply listen to their side with an open mind and a shut mouth.  That is a really hard task because I LIVE to want to change people’s minds, however, that superpower was not given to me.

Being authentic means embracing your values, beliefs and experiences minus the apology.  We aren’t responsible for other people’s reactions.   The variety of each person’s core makes the world colorful, thought provoking, and somewhat entertaining.   Own it, sprinkle it around, and leave your mark, but don’t apologize for who you are.