Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think it is fascinating that every person has a different story for their past.  Haven’t you ever noticed siblings bickering on an event that happened and there are different variations?  Or the couple that has been married awhile and one particular memory is interpreted differently.    Our lives are a potpourri of colorful memories that suit our own recollection.

Last night while dining with my mother, we were talking about a musical that we had seen on a trip while I was in middle school.   While we had the same memories of every aspect of it, we couldn’t agree on the musical.  She said it was the “King and I” and I said it was “Annie”.   I am totally convinced I am correct as it was right before Christmas and I could sing every song from that musical.   In fact, I remember getting the album and spending hours in my room listening to it.  But, what I have learned is that I don’t have to convince anyone of my recollection.   Allowing others to have their own interpretation is allowing them to write the details to their story.    What we can agree on is that we both saw a musical.

It is so interesting that people can have the same experience, but remember it differently. I used to be passionate about wanting to prove everyone wrong.  That saying….would you rather be right or would you rather be happy….made me wonder why I couldn’t have both.   After all, I was doing others a favor showing them their missing pieces or so I thought.  Now my thinking is….on most days……how important it is?

Our memories are a collection of clouded puzzle pieces that fade as we grow older.   I no longer correct my mother on her memories.  Sometimes I might say, “Oh, I remember that differently”, but am learning to allow her to have her own version of the story.