Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you listen carefully, you will hear the screams of the outraged that can only be silenced by the those in thoughtful contemplation.  While that might not make sense to many, it resonates with me the moment that bright light came in to my forethought.   Through all the noise – angry news feeds, outraged protesters, uninformed media outlets, and the list goes on – I have been quietly observing.   I come from a nonpolitical angle which is called being human.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings about the current state of our affairs, but when you have the view I have, you would definitely shift your perspective.

I watch Bailey, my son with Down syndrome, who is happy in his corner of the world.  He spreads his bright light everyday with his forgiving smile and his radiant personality.  He isn’t angered by the events that are out of his control.   Mostly, he focuses on his own life which is evident with the people he touches on a regular difference.   There is no complaining coming from his lips about his disability.  In fact, he embraces it and sometimes uses it to his advantage.    Bailey is forgiving, patient (unless food is involved), but most of all, he simply focuses on work, his social life, and whatever sport he is playing. It may seem simplistic, but he makes a difference wherever he goes.  He uplifts people even when he isn’t aware that he is doing it.  It is natural for him.

Through all the screaming and angry posts, no one is really listening to each other.  It is just a bunch of white noise.   No one is really willing to work together to figure out a solution, but rather they allow their fear to propel them into a frenzy.  Where is the serenity in that?  There isn’t any.   Solutions are only found when individuals opt out of being part of the problem.

So, in my tiny corner of this country, I am lucky to have Bailey who teaches me everyday about true acceptance, value, and what it means to make a difference with your actions not your words.  Even when others make fun of him or shun him because of their lack of knowledge, he is not deterred.    He just wants to spread his shining light and that is what we should all aspire to do………..spread our own light, value others….opinions and all, and move forward to make a difference not just noise.