Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yes, I understand today is Valentine’s Day, but really it is Tuesday.  This holiday is primed to set unrealistic expectations on unsuspecting individuals.   How many will be disappointed by this money-making day?  Of course, you will never know because everyone will post how incredibly thoughtful their partner is because social media is the only place where you can live a complete lie.

I believe in love….for others and myself.   I believe that material things don’t provide the same affect as actions.  For example, my spouse sets out my K-cup for my coffee every morning.  That might not sound significant, but to me it is a loving gesture. It is thoughtful and makes me feel special.  For me, it is the action, the follow through, the ability to stick it out when things are tough.  My marriage isn’t perfect, but it is mine and it is cherished.

And what about the love one has for themselves.   If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else or receive love?   It has taken me a while to fully accept me, to love me as I am, and most of all, to present my imperfectness to the world.   Loving myself means not being trapped by other people’s expectations, setting appropriate boundaries, and being mindful of my time and how I use it.

Love comes in different forms.  The important thing is that we learn that just because one day is sprinkled with unrealistic expectations, doesn’t mean you can hold the people you love hostage because you didn’t receive what you think you deserve.  I released Brian from that prison years ago.  Keep it simple and remember chocolate will go on sale tomorrow.