Square Peg ● Round Hole







When I leave town, shit hits the fan.  Not literally, but between the aroma that permeated the house to letting Brian go to Costco alone, we have a problem.  I must use a disclaimer before I go any further.  My adorable spouse goes to Costco alone quite frequently since I have had my knee replacement.  He follows the list and even calls with questions.  Rarely does he come home boasting about a “must have” item that he purchased until now.

Look, I am not a monster.   He can buy whatever, but there are certain things that should not be bought at Costco.  Shoes are one of them.  So, after I battled the stench, I was overwhelmed by a glowing site……all white athletic shoes.   He was so proud of his purchase and that he only spent $12.00 on them.    Those of you that know me are aware that I worked at a shoe store for a while.  One of my friends owns a successful athletic store that will fit and measure your feet.  In fact, he had just gone there around the time I had my surgery, so imagine how stunned I was to see these hideous specimens.

The only thing missing for his ensemble would be black knee socks and Bermuda shorts.   I picked up one shoe and demonstrated the non existent heel counter along with its lack of support.  I also pointed out that with his reoccurring Plantar Fasciitis, a shoe with no support is a recipe for disaster.  Yesterday, he came home and said “I might be right” because his foot was hurting “a little”, so he swapped out liners from his other shoe to compensate.  Gee, that will help….said no one ever.   I hope those shoes don’t have some sort of mishap that would cause them to disappear.   That would be such a shame.