Square Peg ● Round Hole







Did you miss me?  It feels like forever since I have entered words on this tiny platform.  The plague of germs invaded my space.  Wow, that sounds dramatic….in all honesty, I am at the end of a head cold.  My head seemed to weigh at least 500 lbs accentuated with a concrete block.  Maybe I needed a little breather.  Maybe my cockiness about not being sick in over a year caught up with me.   Quite possibly, I simply caught an annoying cold.

Bryce had it first.  I take pride in the fact that I raised my boys to share and that he did.  His father got it next…..yes, ladies, the nasty man cold appeared and it took my spouse hostage.   Lastly, it got me.   Bailey escaped the wrath, quite possibly because he resides downstairs.   The upstairs petri dish is where all the action is.

When I am sick, I am overly sensitive. My nerves are heightened and my lack of sympathy is on empty.   Because I was feeling puny on Friday night, I decided I would simply order a pizza.  I ordered it early enough to place a future delivery for 5:15.  Seems easy right….wrong.  Our future delivery arrived promptly at 6 pm.   That certainly defeats the purpose of a future delivery.  Maybe they should rename it late delivery.  It should also have a disclaimer that the late delivery includes your pizza being cold.

So, because I lack any sort of rational demeanor when I feel like shit, I called the pizza store and talked with a delightful young man who told me it wasn’t their fault, it was the corporate office’s fault because they designed the computer program.  (Insert race announcer…..”AND SHE’S OFF”)    My tirade lasted for a full minute where I congratulated this individual on his unique customer service skills and assured him that he would definitely be successful in it moving forward.    The conversation ended….well….because I hung up.   Yes, not one of my prouder moments, but two days after the fact, I can laugh about the absurdity of me being irrational.

I could have handled it differently and had my head not been full of mucus, I am sure that I would have.   I apologized to my husband, who walked into the insanity of my lengthy monologue, for being so reactive.  His outlook was that he got dinner and a show.

Happiness is a state of mind.   When I am sick, I am not at my best self, so I probably should not be allowed to participate in society.  I should go off and heal before I tangle with any issues especially cold pizza delivery.    I did rattle off a delightful email to the higher beings at this particular place, and got a lovely email back.  They want to give me a free pizza as a token of their effort to do a better job.   Brian thinks they will spit on it and I am inclined to agree with him.  I think I may find another pizza place.