Square Peg ● Round Hole







When I share that I am about to embark on a cruise with 32 women that I went to high school with, I am either greeted with a gasp or a wow.   People are amazed that such a large group would travel together.  Now, in order for me to leave there is the art of preparation.  Packing for me is a breeze.  I classify myself as a “low maintenance packer” because I will bring about three pairs of shoes and a few items of clothing all packed in a carry-on bag.  That is simply how I roll.

I am not sure what it is about leaving that sparks a need to vomit everything I do to Brian. He asked me to type up a schedule for the Bassets which I did, but then stopped.  I put at the bottom of the sheet “honestly, they will tell you when they need to potty.  If you ignore them, then potty time will happen in the house”.   I know that when I leave my home it will transform itself into a makeshift fraternity.  I am aware that Brian will move our larger screen television to replace the smaller screen television in the bedroom.  He swears that it is entirely too small.   I have no doubt that they will eat crap while I am away and walk around in their underwear and not make the bed.  The four legged children will survive, but will be entirely happy when I arrive home because their schedule will once again be active.   Basically, all of them will survive the few days that I am away.

Did I tell you I am disconnecting?  Yes, I didn’t purchase the WiFi package.  Part of me is a little anxious.  It is like what I imagine detox being like.  I am always connected.  But, to be honest, it will be a wonderful opportunity to just be.  Be present.  Be relaxed.  Be grateful that I can go off for a few days with other women to recharge.  All I have left is packing and getting my first spray tan, which will be the topic of my last blog slated for tomorrow before I leave.  Stayed tuned for that.  I am sure it will be amusing.