Square Peg ● Round Hole







After getting off the ship Monday, it was time to reconnect with the world.   I turned on my phone and was inundated with a barrage of emails, text, and friend requests on Facebook.  As I perused the requests, I was amused at how many people I didn’t know.  Why do people send friend requests to complete strangers?

I giggle because some of these requests are people who are familiar with my column and imagine that I am some sort of celebrity.   The reality is I hold more of a F-list status.  Either you love the Home of the Week or you have never heard of it.  There really isn’t a happy medium.

My favorite is accepting a request of someone that I am familiar with and who has connections with some of my other friends.   For example, I have a group where we all have children with Down syndrome.  Recently, I saw one of my “friends” and went up to her to say “hello”.  She had no idea who I was, so I had to introduce myself.   That wasn’t awkward at all.  I ended our conversation with “you know, we are friends on Facebook,”. Like that holds some sort of weight.

This random friending individuals is so bizarre.   It is like walking down the street, seeing someone you think might be interesting, and requesting to be their friend.   I have let my “inquiring” friend requests linger.   There is no time stamp on accepting or deleting.   Like a private investigator, I always like to see if we have any mutual friends and if we don’t, I simply pause.  Honestly, if you enjoy my column, simply like my Home of the Week page.  There really isn’t a reason to friend me.  I am flattered though and my F-list celebrity status thanks you.