Square Peg ● Round Hole







As the dust settled over Brian’s hideous shoes, there was a remarkable spiritual awakening of sorts.   Two days after I got home, his foot was slightly hurt and then Sunday morning the most amazing words flowed from his mouth…..”You might be right about these shoes.  My hip is killing me,”.   Because I worked at a shoe store on and off for twenty years, I know a little about foot fashion.  For instance, properly fitted shoes provide support and can help with back, knee, and hip pain.  It really isn’t hard to fathom because your feet are your foundation.  Keep them happy and your body will thank you….unless you are my spouse.

Brian doesn’t like to say I am right, he merely inserts the “might” to preserve some sort of dignity for himself.  Of course, he doesn’t want my ego to enlarge either.  He is very considerate.    At dinner, he decided not to give me any portion of being right because he emerged with a new theory……shoes can’t make your hip hurt.     Classic.

Some question the validity of being right or being happy.  As if that choice is easy.    I would like both, but in the context of sanity, being happy is my point of reference.    I also know that on certain circumstances I am right and whether Brian admits it or not, I know the truth.   In the meantime, he is trying to cover up his limp while wearing his unfashionable white shoes, holding onto the notion that his footwear is not the problem.   Isn’t he adorable?