Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes when things are going as planned – which is hilarious because God holds the eraser to my plans  always – I take those moments for granted.  Things go wrong or they really right and my perception is mistaken?   I think it is my perception.

Part of my daily ritual is to write down five things I am grateful for and three things I forgive myself for.   This is an especially comforting practice when shit goes array.   Forgiving myself is the most loving thing I can do for me.  It is the act of being human.  When I was let go from my writing gig, my ego was all up in my grill acting as if I am the best writer is the world and totally indispensable.  My ego was taking it personal.  And while I have teetered back and forth with my enlarged ego, I needed to remember that it is a part of my experience.

It is easy to write down that gratitude for family and friends, but the real growth comes when you can be grateful for the unexpected bumps in the road.  When you see that it was a gift not a curse.  When you can muster up the strength, wipe away the tears, and look at it from a different perspective.

I am still in the mode of processing, but my gratitude is that I am moving forward.  I am allowing myself time without conditions.    So, here is my list for today.

Five things I am grateful for:   1. Sunshine 2. My Sunday gathering of like-minded friends who bring out the best in me. 3. My Higher Power who loves me and accepts me flaws and all. 4. The ability to express myself freely with words.  5. The ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Three things I forgive myself for:  1. My ego and its over-inflated sense of entitlement. 2. My unkind thoughts of other people. 3. My annoyance at other people’s actions and reactions.