Square Peg ● Round Hole







This latest change in my career status has allowed me to be reflective over the past twenty-seven years of working.   Long before I spent ten years in the corporate world in the telecommunications industry or worked retail in a locally owned shoe store, I wanted to be a nurse.    When I think back about that time when helping sick and injured individuals seemed like an excellent career choice, I giggle.   Probably similar to what my parents did when I emphatically shared that it was what I was destined to be.

You see, math and science were never my friends.   My constant companion was a blank stare anytime numbers or formulas were presented.  I can’t recall why I wanted to be a nurse.  It could be that I watched a lot of General Hospital.   Quite possibly, it sounded glamorous (which my nurse friends are now doubled over in laughter).   I applaud my parents for never discouraging me on this whim.  If they did, I have blocked that out of my memory.

When I arrived at college, I applied and surprisingly enough, even to me, I got into nursing school for my second semester.    Maybe it made me seem smarter to tell people my choice of a major.  All I know is that the love affair lasted just one semester for several reasons.  One, I hated it partnered with failing Anatomy and Physiology.   Sadly, in order to do this job, you must know the parts of the body.

With that came a change in major – Advertising with a minor in English.  This was more up my alley.  No whiny sick people to contend with – oh, I found that I wasn’t as compassionate as I thought – plus I don’t like cleaning up other people’s bodily discharges.   I think the process of creating and writing has always been my foundation.  I just didn’t really know how much until my mother told me of a program where I could get a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing.   So, there you go.   From nursing to a writer where I can fictitiously kill people that annoy me.    That’s just a reminder to stay on my good side.