Square Peg ● Round Hole







First let me state the disclaimer for this entry……I love my life and where I am currently residing.  I love how everything is evolving and expanding.  That new opportunities are arriving and that I am in a place of acceptance.  What I don’t love is the evidence of aging.  The scale this morning screamed at me.   It said, “Girl, you ordered the Mahi-Mahi, but the numbers say you ordered a Big Mac.”   I hate that bitch.  She is always ridiculing, taunting, and berating me.     Why do I continue to punish myself?  Well, I am still in the mindset that seeing a number less than what it was before is a reward.    This, my friends, is the definition of insanity.    Wise people have stated that it isn’t the number, but how you feel that matters.   I feel bloated, so there’s that aspect.

The belief that there is a rewind button when you pile on the anti-aging creams that erase fine lines and wrinkles is absurd.   All we are doing is putting millions of dollars in some rich man’s wallet.     I earned those wrinkles.   They are the evidence that I have lived, experienced, and survived.    It is like a stamp in a passport…….those wrinkles hold memories.

Then there is the lose skin under my chin.  What the hell?   That appeared out of nowhere. I am actually looking up exercises on Pinterest to help and am consciously holding my head erect, so the skin won’t sag anymore.    If I could write with my head back I would.

So, I am a tad squishy accentuated with fine lines and I have achieved a turkey neck.  It is possible that this will become trendy.   Anything is possible.   I am all about embracing these new stages in my life, but it would be nice if they weren’t presented all at once.   A ceremonial presentation rolling out – like in fashion week – where each new wrinkle, sagging skin, and squishy body are presented as the new look for the upcoming season.  I know, I know, this is how the aging process works.   And yes, I am aware that there are procedures to fix all of this, but I am not one to go down that particular road.    God gave me some extra skin to work with, so I guess I will tuck it in my spanx, hold my head up high, to alleviate the sagging, and smile incessantly to add more fine lines to the mix.  This is the body God gave me, so I guess I should embrace it.