Square Peg ● Round Hole







Fifteen years ago today, Brian and I started a new chapter in our lives….the chapter of recovery.   Brian abandoned his beverage package (cruise pun) and I left behind my craving for emotional chaos along with my need to fix, manage, and control the environment around me.   We found a spiritual solution among like minded people.   We stayed – which was hard – and we continue to work to achieve a life filled with possibilities.

It wasn’t easy.  There was a time when divorce seemed like the only solution, but as we both worked our individual programs, we persevered.    There is solace in doing something different.    Life is a whole lot brighter and I can’t imagine it any other way.    In light of the recent rise of addiction overdoses and the glaring reminders that the problem is only getting worse, I wanted to share our story.    Among the lost lives, there are success stories.  There are people who are working diligently to overcome their demons and are finding serenity.   You don’t hear about these individuals much, but I am here to tell you that hope is blossoming for these individuals who chose a spiritual solution over their addiction.

Now, life isn’t perfect, but it is our life and it is more full and rich than I could have ever imagined.    Our boys have grown up in a home of recovery.  They know that their family – on both sides – is riddled with addiction.   No more secrets dwell within this family unit.   The ugliness that was once our canvas has given way to  a beautiful landscape.

Recovery is never easy nor is it ever complete.    We need constant contact with like minded individuals that we can reason life out with and continue to share our experience, strength and hope.   Fifteen years ago, I never imagined that our life could be transformed in the ways that it has and I am full of gratitude.   God has worked miracles and I continue to watch them unfold…..one day at a time.