Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have expressed the pros and cons to our social media frenzy.  It serves a lot of wonderful purposes, but some use it to fuel their own negative agenda.   Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that it happens.  That people feel more comfortable unleashing hateful or rude comments because they have the screen to protect them.  Unfortunately, as an adult it really serves as a poor reflection of someone’s character.

I posted something recently that was a formulation of my feelings on how a certain event was run.  Nothing major at all.  However, someone, who by the way never posts, likes, comments, or any other type of participation on my page, decided to slap me with their own opinion and compared me to a “whiny protester who simply didn’t get my way”.   I take offense to that on so many levels that I really don’t know where to begin.   Maybe it surprised me because I don’t normally call other people names nor do I reprimand them for having a different thought process than mine.

The beauty is today I have choices.  I responded in a polite, respectful manner that allowed me to stand my ground without offending anyone.    I won’t tolerate anyone berating or belittling me for simply having an opinion or feelings, for that matter.  The response I received was lowered in temperature sprinkled with excuses as to why they responded that way.  There was no accountability, no amends for name calling, just a justification along with “hopefully we can disagree and still be friends.”    My retort to that was that my friends don’t normally refer to me as a whiner and we all should feel free to share our opinions without fear of retaliation.

So, my point is this…..our children are watching us.  If you choose to use social media as your platform for unleashing your toxicity into the world, that is your choice.  My choice is to hit the unfriend button and write about it in my blog.     To the person who inspired this post, thank you.  Thank you for showing others how not to be.