Square Peg ● Round Hole







I always find the art of preparing for a vacation odd.  Sometimes it feels like a whole lot of work just to go somewhere different to relax.   Oddly enough, I haven’t really been planning.   The normal list maker has sidelined herself.    It could be that I have other things swimming around my head or it simply could mean I am resigned.

I think I am ready to have a change of location after all, I am in transition.   My GPS is still rerouting and my direction is a little murky.  Oh sure, I have jobs with various magazines, but I still feel a little lost.     My thinking is that the beach will rejuvenate me and I will figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

When the boys got home this afternoon, I was chanting, “Spring break” over and over again.  They both looked annoyed and commented that I looked like an Oompa Loompa.  First day after a spray tan, I always look a little dark, but I hardly think that I look like the character from “The Wizard of Oz”.   Boys exaggerate a bit.

I have oodles of bags packed.  Food, clothes, swim attire, and the list goes on.  Truth be told, I will be surprised as to what I find when we arrive and I have literally just thrown stuff in suitcases and beach totes.

Part of my process is that I don’t truly get into vacation mode until I have arrived at my destination.    Then I exhale.   This trip is kind of my retreat of sorts.   When I come back, my identity will no longer be attached to a column that I have held for ten years.  It has been my baby.  I formulated the social media platform and cultivated a following.   So, that will simply vanish.  No goodbyes.  No inspiring send off.   Just the disappearance of my identity.  Of course, my identity is so much more than this column, but it stands to say that the closer the date of my last feature the more real the impending loss becomes.

So, it is ideal timing to get away and enjoy the time with my family.  Relax.  Meditate.  While one chapter is ending, the next one is beginning and I am looking forward to creating something even better.