Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t know why it surprises me, but there seems to be a lack of common courtesy in our society.    Did this happen overnight or am I simply being overly sensitive?   I send emails that don’t get a response.    It really doesn’t take five seconds to respond that you have received it or click the handy icon for the read receipt that I often include for those individuals who are “so busy”.   This is my dilemma.   I am constantly waiting.  The jaw-dropping reality is that these individuals are professionals.  When they do respond, it always lies in the basket of “I have been extremely busy”.   Let’s be clear……we are all busy, so that excuse is really out of date.   Get creative about the excuses.  I could really get behind something creative like “aliens abducted me” or how about something imaginative like, “I am so sorry I haven’t responded to your email”……that would grab my attention.

When I haven’t received a response, my fallback excuse for contacting an individual again is this……”I have been having email issues, so I am checking to see if you have received my emails,”.   This draws an immediate response.  Seriously, it takes dramatics on my part to even get an inkling of courtesy.

When it comes to being respectful and courteous, we have abandoned our roots.  My parents taught me to respond in a responsible time frame.  If someone left you a message, you return the phone call.  This isn’t rocket science, yet it seems to be difficult for people with advance technology to achieve it.  With email on people’s devices along with an actual phone icon, we have forgotten our manners.   Being rude has become acceptable.   Maybe I am old school.  Maybe I have unrealistic expectations which is quite sad as we all deserve and should expect common courtesy.

Alright, I will jump off my soapbox so I can stare at the exorbitant amount of emails that are waiting to be responded to.  I am sure I will get a response any moment.