Square Peg ● Round Hole







While my article will still remain until April 8, today marks the last photo shoot I will do in correlation with it.   I remain steadfast in the knowledge that sometimes God knows when we are done before we do.    Even with that being said, there is lingering sadness over saying goodbye to what launched my career.

I did not get this job because of talent.  The truth is that I had an Master of Fine Arts in Writing.    They assumed I knew what I was doing, but fortunately for me, I had people who took the time to mold me.   Then I found my own niche and created a haven where homes were celebrated.

I was welcomed into over 500+ homes.  The extraordinary talent that we have in Louisville – contractors, designers, carpenters, painters, etc. – can only be surpassed by the warm and trusting homeowners that opened the doors allowing me to share their vision with the readers.    I am so grateful to the photographers that captured these homes in pictures. Working with the best only makes you better.

This ten year foundation is built upon hard work.  It wasn’t just about the writing. I implemented a variety of customer service aspects as well.   It was all about cultivating the experience.

As I close the door on this chapter, the next one has been thrust upon me.   I was humbled by the unexpected interest that several respected publications had in me.  I may not feel ready, but I am willing to explore these new opportunities.

My perspective has shifted in the passing week.   The anticipation of being able to create my own vision overshadows the grief that almost drowned me a week ago.    So, for today, I will allow myself to feel whatever emotions percolate and be thankful for them all.