Square Peg ● Round Hole







While I am digesting my current unexpected life event, I am reminded how being in the moment allows me to experience life.    Yesterday, we were going to take my mother and mother-in-law to see the play that Bryce is in.   I received a call from my mother who wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be going.    As we entered the theater I was greeted by a woman with a clipboard who was in a frenzy.  She had a waiting list for the sold out show and was informing patrons as they entered.  When she came up to us to ask if we had already purchased tickets, I informed her that I had one extra and would be happy to give it to her. She was ready to pay me for it, and I told her that wasn’t necessary.   Unexpectedly, she hugged me.

The ticket I had given was on the aisle right next to me.  A woman sat down and we greeted each other.   “I think we know each other,” she said.  I turned to her and it was one of Bryce’s grade school teachers.   Naturally, I informed her that Bryce was in the play and she responded, “That’s why I am here.  I arrived early, so I was the first one on the waiting list.”    I was instantly in awe of how God works.  The serendipitous way that life unfolds.  There are no coincidences.

When I apply that to my current situation, I am already seeing how synchronized life is as it expands beyond my wildest imagination.      Today, I choose not to be a victim to my circumstances.   Being in the mindset that each moment is presented to me in an effort to help me rather than hinder can shift my perception.   It is easy to fall prey to a pity party mentality, but that just diverts my attention away from the bigger and better things that are happening….right now….at this moment.     Acceptance doesn’t mean liking your current situation, it just means that you are no longer held hostage by it.