Square Peg ● Round Hole







Motherhood is a journey layered in a variety of emotions.   As Bryce completes his junior year in high school, I am starting the process of realizing that my baby is on the cusp of being shoved out of the nest…….gently, of course.     Part of my parenting gift is to find humor in any situation.  Most of you who are friends with me on Facebook are aware of the adventures of Fathead Bryce.   Fathead Bryce traveled with us as we journeyed toward a state championship in football.   Real Bryce was annoyed with me which made this even more enjoyable.   Maybe it was because I obsessively took photos of Fathead Bryce and followed his daily activities.  Maybe because I took him everywhere with me and he always had a smile on his face.  Fathead Bryce never rolled his eyes at me or exhaled loudly.    Fathead Bryce brought laughter when the world seemed void of humor.

My boys have grown up with two parents who are funny.. (I lump Brian in there.  We tend to disagree about who might be funnier.)   We find humor in the most unusual places, but it soothes us when the world around us seems too serious.  Creating moments infused with laughter provides memories to hold.

The last year of high school will be fleeting, I know.    I want to be present to absorb every second and Fathead Bryce will be along for the ride.    After all, I am going to have to keep laughing, so I can mask the tears.  This parenting stuff isn’t for faint of heart.