Square Peg ● Round Hole







When meeting new people, I try to reserve my judgement, but that continues to be a challenge because sometimes I have very strong reactions internally.  That reaction can cause me to instantly state that I am not interested in getting to know someone on a deeper level.   Sometimes that reaction might be off simply because I didn’t get an accurate reading…….in other words, my judgement came to quickly.

Recently, I have come across some people that I initially didn’t like.  In my eyes, they didn’t have anything to contribute, so I wrote them off.    Sometimes, if I open my eyes, I can see people in a different light.    For me, I know that not everyone is going to be my cup of tea, but there are times when my initial impression is wrong or slightly distorted.   Although, we might not be best friends, there is a level of connection that would allow me to enjoy them on a social level.  I don’t need to be so quick to judge.

First impressions aren’t always accurate.    There are factors that may warrant one to be more reserved or overly extroverted that may twist the initial view of someone.   Learning to be open for a second and sometimes third time is a lesson in humility.  My ego says one time is enough, but my compassion allows me to push aside my initial view to see their true essence.   Are there times when I realize that even after three times, they are not the type of person I wish to call a friend?   Absolutely.  The reality is we all have layers of friends.  Some are closer than others.   I strive to surround myself with quality not quantity.

The older I get, the softer I become in terms of first impressions.    The willingness to admit that I might be wrong allows me to simply revisit that individual on a different level.    Being closed off only hurts me in the end.