Square Peg ● Round Hole







For the first time today, I heard the phrase, “sitting in the question”.  I gravitated to it because that is what I have felt while navigating this new career terrain.   I am simply sitting in the question waiting for the next right thing.   While I am sitting, I am leaning heavily on the God of my understanding along with following my own truth.  Asking for what I need and allowing it to unfold.

My new editor is someone that I have worked with in our former life with our previous employer and we are both in state of transition.   It is reassuring to have a partner who shares a common thread as we were let go as a casualty of the industry.   During our conversation today, she encouraged me to advertise my brand and that she would be willing to put that in print as part of my bio on the contributor’s page of the magazine.  This is a foreign concept for me because previously, it was all about their brand and I was just along for the ride.  To be a part of a publication that shares their space as a foundation to build their brand and mine is mind-blowing.  It confirms the theory that there is room enough for everyone.

So, while I am still sitting in the question of what other opportunities will be knocking on my door, I am comforted that I have landed in a soft place to regroup and continue to do what I love.    The evolution of the next right thing continues to unfold and I continue to be surprised at every turn.