Square Peg ● Round Hole







With the latest news of harsh treatment of a airline passenger, I am sadly not surprised at the media sprinkling his past mistakes around as if the behavior he encountered was justified.    It is simply horrifying that we as a society bash the victims.   Of course, there is always two sides to every story, but the last I heard, we were all fallible human beings.

We all have a past.  Some are juicier than others, but as time progresses, most of us, hopefully, learn from our transgressions.    Life is simply an experiment.   Trying to navigate our way, making choices that might not be the right one, and then learning from those.   Life allows us to grow, evolve, and become better people, if that is what we choose.    We shouldn’t carry a life sentence for erroneous behavior.

Society has become so harsh.   We are no longer shocked that the media lives to keep controversy alive, so persecuting the victim seems acceptable.  Slow news day or a lapse of journalistic integrity appears to be the culprit.  The knowledge that we have become so numb, complacent, and downright accepting of such behavior.

I am not on a soapbox.  I am simply a human being wondering when we stopped treating each with some respect instead of labeling, chastising, and berating one another.   Coming from a mother whose son has Down syndrome, it is particularly alarming at how hateful the human race is becoming.