Square Peg ● Round Hole







What is it about humans that we feel the need to tell our own horror stories to those who are walking through a difficult situation?    Of course, it is an effort to relate, but honestly, sometimes it might be a great idea to keep silent.     I remember when I was pregnant with Bailey, everyone wanted to share their horrendous experiences.   Pregnancy was not glamorous for me, so those tidbits of knowledge weren’t helpful…..at all.

Yesterday, my spouse had a colonoscopy/endoscopy to determine the source of some stomach issues that have been going on for a while.   I hate to use the word “excited” but we were anxious to find out some answers.  All the other tests have come back normal except for a bacteria issue that has since been treated.   The man is a walking scientific mystery.      When I have shared with a variety of individuals, they always find the need to share their experience.   I find it funny as I don’t seem to recall asking.   I know, it is an effort to connect, but really unnecessary.

After his procedures, the doctor gave me a list of things they are sending to be biopsied.  Nothing overly serious, but enough to understand the treatment plan ahead for him.  While people oversharing their experiences is annoying, I find photos of the procedure even more disturbing.    Seriously, do they think I am going to make a scrapbook?   I feel like I should have a T-shirt made, “I waited for an hour for my husband to get done with his colonoscopy and all I got was a photo of his rectum”.      I hope that was complimentary and I don’t find it on his itemized hospital bill.

As we drove home, I told Brian that as we age it is almost like a punishment.   We have all these tests we have to have, certain foods don’t agree with us anymore, and I still get breakouts even though the looming number of 50 is two months away.    Don’t get me wrong, this is not a blog of complaints, but merely pointing out some obvious and somewhat amusing aspects of the process.      Laughter is and always will be the best way to cope.