Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am sure that those of you who read my blog on a daily basis are completely bored with my constant yammering regarding my unexpected career change.   However, it bears repeating because my perception is normally twisted.   You see, I don’t think I have navigated this surprise change well, but others apparently think I have.

It is interesting how people can look at the same situation and have a different perspective.    While I am convinced I have handled it like a unhappy toddler, others have told me how graceful I have walked through it with unwavering certainty.  I often think those individuals might be thinking of someone else.   And while I hold no animosity to those I directly worked with, there might be an occasional “flipping off” the establishment.    I don’t think that is graceful, but I do believe it is a human reaction.

I am not a partial critic, so it is helpful when others can provide a different perception.   Those around me are like a flashlight for my darkened path.  They aren’t blinded by my confused and twisted thoughts, instead they are a guide to help me have a clearer outlook.   My tribe tells me the truth.  If I am acting like an ass, I know they would promptly tell me in the most loving, yet honest way.     I can’t get very far in life without some special guides to ease the path.