Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have learned that happiness is all perspective.    Like thinking that if you get the perfect job, marry the ideal spouse or win the lottery, then you will be happy.  Happiness isn’t about things, events, or other people, it is all about ourselves…..in other words, it is an inside job.

Recently, we received some news that we were waiting for and it wasn’t what we hoped, but it wasn’t devastating.    It didn’t define our mood or send us into a tailspin.  What it did was make us grateful for what we do have and turn the news into just another blip on our path.    It is all about looking at life with an attitude of gratitude instead of that feeling that the universe is working against you.

It is a fine line, I will admit.    My recent change of employment didn’t feel like a good thing until I processed it.   I wasn’t grateful or happy, but I came around and realized that I was given a gift.   The gift of discovering something even better.  While that will take some time, I am positive that being released from that venue was the catalyst to my future.    That job didn’t define me nor was it the foundation to my happiness.    Happiness is purely within our being.   Looking to outside entities to fill us up will only result in a temporary fix.

I am still on a quest.   Sure, I have writing projects that are filling my time, but I am still feeling like there is a void.    I feel like there is something waiting for me, but I haven’t found it yet.  However, that hasn’t blocked my sense of joy.    It is all about how you look at your life that creates a sense of contentment.   Life’s circumstances doesn’t make someone a victim. That is simply a role one chooses for themselves.