Square Peg ● Round Hole







Our travel day was uneventful.  One thing I did learn that the only difference between girls and boys packing list are the items.   Instead of makeup and shoes, we have an assortment of chargers for the large amount of electronics.   We barely fit everything in our rental, but that probably had more to do with all the food we were bringing than their electronic luggage.

I am a little delicate this week, so I am trying to be present.  To be in the mindset that this week doesn’t have to mark the end of my life.  That this is the starting point to some amazing opportunities.   However, I must allow myself to be sad.   To simply walk through or be reluctantly dragged, which is kind of what it feels like.    Spending the week in a beautiful setting surrounded by the people that have seen me at my worst celebrate me anyway, is an excellent way to ease into my new chapter.  My little tribe of men – oh how I love them.

Hopefully, my mood improves.  The coffee maker teased me this morning.   I brewed enough coffee to cover the bottom of my enormous cup.  You would think it had murdered my family the way I was cussing at it.    After a thirty minute stint of hurling obscenities and assuming it was my way using this piece of crap, my very kind spouse offered to simply get me coffee.   What a concept.   That for every problem there is a solution.    Perfect reminder for the day.

My agenda for the day is to relax, unwind, and to rest.    I want the people allowing me to write for them to receive the best version of me.   That is the goal for the week, anyway, but I am willing to allow myself to be uncomfortable, so that when I arrive home, that uneasiness will melt away.  God usually has a better idea as to what is best for me.   I am simply a passenger in the car.