Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am not the most patient person, so this limbo land that I am currently residing in is quite daunting.   I say limbo because I feel like there is more out there for me to do.  Sure, I have a job with a magazine, but I am looking for more.    Plus, every morning Bailey asks me, “so what you are going to do today?” and it annoys me because I don’t really have an answer.   Nothing sounds lazy, so I say that I have a list and it is too long to share.    Trying to remember that God’s timing is always perfect even if I question it on a daily basis.

Yesterday, as I pondered my future, I stumbled upon a job and started applying for a Senior Editor/Creative Writer position at a large corporation.   While in the throes of attaching my resume, I was distracted by this beautiful butterfly who kept fluttering near the window.  I took a moment to enjoy the dance.   I resumed the application process only to be mesmerized by yet another butterfly who seemed to want to grab my attention.  I paused and then the phone rang.     Various distractions later, I never got back to applying.  Part of me was thinking how an 8-5 job sounds horrendous while the other part of me was full of anticipation.

Later in the evening, I was speaking to a friend on the phone where I was sharing my current residency in limbo land.    Telling her that it is a waiting game and that I feel like I just need to pause and allow God to do his stuff in order for me to figure out what I am suppose to be doing.   As we hung up the phone, there was a ding indicating that I had an email.    As it turns out, an ad agency wants to hire me to do some freelance work.  Now, I do enjoy how serendipitous life is and how God loves to show me how magical He can be.  While I am not certain that this is my calling, I do enjoy the challenge of seeing where this could lead.    God has a plan, I just have to be open and willing along a dose of patience.