Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes when we are on vacation, I look around to see if there are cameras.  As if we are some psychological experiment being taped for someone to analyze.   Our first day on a family trip is always designated as the “adjustment”.  That isn’t what the entire family calls it, but I have seen the pattern.   Everyone is trying to figure out a routine and no one is really in vacation mode…..yet.   We are all still unwinding from our respective lives.

Yesterday, Bailey was grumpy.   Which isn’t unusual especially when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep.   I did tell him to stop using the “special needs” card.   Every time he is corrected, he announces that I shouldn’t be mean to “the boy with Down syndrome”.    It would be cute if that were the first time he used that phrase.   You see, he isn’t as sweet as people think.  Live with him.

Game night is a standard practice with our trips.   It is met with humor and a great deal of competitive ribbing.  Mostly from Bailey as he delights from beating all of us at UNO.   Trust me, we don’t want him to win because he isn’t graceful about it.    Plus, since his birthday is Friday, all we hear is how this is his “birthday week” and Bryce loves to remind him, that it is merely “spring break”.   The banter is endless.

I guess what I am trying to articulate is my gratitude for these two human beings.   Their existence expands the meaning of my life.    They keep me rooted and don’t allow me to wallow in the pits of self-pity for long.   My favorite response when Bryce heard that I had been let go from my writing gig was “that column is going to suck now” and that made me smile.