Square Peg ● Round Hole







I didn’t know what I was missing until I took my first excursion to Italy.  It was two years ago and we went with a tour group through our church.   It was magical and it changed my perspective on a lot of things.   My mother, who is 85, has never been to Europe.  It is her greatest regret.  The waiting………waiting for the right time, or money, or whatever excuse was appropriate for the moment.     She waited too long.

Life isn’t about regrets or at least it shouldn’t be.   It should be built on a foundation of action.    When we went to Italy almost two years ago, it was ideal.   Not in the financial sort of way, but in the timing.  You see, we have found the niche for exploring Europe without drowning financially.    Tours are the way to go.   Not only do they include airfare, hotels, most meals, and excursions, but they take away the work of planning every moment of the trip.   We were able to see places that left on my own, would have fallen through the cracks.     In less than two months, we are leaving on a two week exploration of Germany, Austria, and Poland to visit some historical landmarks connected to the Holocaust.   This is a pre-graduation gift for Bryce that we have been paying on for about a year.  Another plus for group travel is that you can formulate a payment plan, so you never go into debt planning an amazing adventure.

In September, we are planning another trip to explore France, Portugal, and Spain with a lot of the same individuals who accompanied us to Italy.   Same concept in that we have been planning it for a year and paying on it as well.    I never thought it would be possible to travel to these amazing places because I felt strapped financially, but there is always a way to grab life and create your own landscape.

This year I turn 50 and to say my life continues to surprise me would be an understatement.   The evolution of each moment keeps me in a state of gratitude.  No longer am I a player in the waiting game.   I am living each moment and preserving them, so when I get to an age of reflection, I will be able to exhale, smile, and know that I have no regrets.