Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the haze of a world ignoring the feminine presence, I am so grateful for my positive experience in my corner of the world.    I have a new set of glasses.  Everything around me is open and limitless.   Why, you ask?  The answer is simple……two strong women.

After I was sent on my way from my previous employer, I was lifted up by two  amazing women.   Both of these individuals have walked through similar experiences.  They came out the other side, wiser and stronger.  What they took with them wasn’t anger, but empowerment.   Empowering those that they hire with the final result of simply allowing those individuals to shine.  Yes, my friends, women CAN support each other.   We CAN and should align with one another with the intent of trudging the journey together.

I am working for two quality publications run by women.   They encourage me to step out of the box that I was once put in and to expand my style of writing.   The only rule is for me to develop my craft and be proud of the writing that I am producing.   What a fresh approach.  Don’t confuse this with ungratefulness of my previous life.  That job gave me a solid foundation, but now, I evolve and blossom with the help of women who have fought the good fight and are willing to allow me to be me.

Don’t we all deserve that type of treatment?   There is more power in unity than division. Today, I am unbelievably grateful for the two women who are lifting others up.  Life is hard enough.    Finding that worthiness in a conversation, an action, or a simple smile.  I have now arrived at a state of gratitude for what is behind me because it led me to better places.