Square Peg ● Round Hole







Raising teenagers can be daunting, hair-raising, and quite confusing.   It is the game of expecting the unexpected.   While my teenage boy is literally a 40 year old man trapped in a 17 year old body, he does possess traits that make me want to scream.

This Saturday is his Junior Formal.   A month ago, he decided he wanted to go, so he proceeded to ask someone.  When that person couldn’t go, he then decided to not go.  Then his friend was insistent that he go, so hence the matchmaking process.  Three girls later, all who had other obligations, we were on the path that he wasn’t going….until yesterday.   His fantastic friend was not going to let it go, so he set Bryce up with a friend of his date.    I am a planner, so this throws me into a realm of more items to cover in a short span of time, but here is my new found reality……it is not my prom!!!  I don’t have to do anything, but fork over money.

Yes, friends, part of letting go of my soon to be senior in high school, is providing opportunities that allow him to take care of things himself.    Today after school, he is going tux shopping by himself.   He offered to take care of the flowers as well.    While I was initially spinning in circles because of the lack of time we had to prepare, the beauty is that all is really well.   He will figure it out as we gave him tools to work with and examples to go by.

Here is another gratitude…….he has a really great friend who doesn’t want Bryce to miss out on a pivotal high school event.   When kids can be so cruel to each other, I feel blessed that he has friends that care about his well-being.  What a gift that is.

I am learning that this is simply a part of the process of letting go.  That in a little over a year, he will be moving on to his next adventure in life.    While it is a struggle not to over mother, I feel good about the foundation he has been given and I can’t wait to see if he can pull this prom thing together in five days.