Square Peg ● Round Hole







When we were attending Bryce’s ring ceremony, there was a question asked by the president of the school, “How many of you are experiencing this moment for the first time?”.  There were many hands in the air and I was wondering if I should put mine up.  You see, this is the first experience with a typical kid.  Not that I consider what Bailey experienced less than what was going on this past week, but it was different.  I knew Bailey wasn’t leaving the nest immediately.   Bryce is on the flight deck waiting for departure.

As I waited up for him last night as he danced the night away at his Junior prom, I was struck by a sense of reality.   While Bryce has created his own high school experience, he has done so with little effort.   Socially, however, he has maintained a sideline seat, so this is really the first time that I have waited to hear the car door slam and exhale that he is home safely.   These are all preparation steps for me.

I am experiencing many things for the first time.  I have to be present.  I have to soak up all the goodness because soon, it will be a distant memory as he leaves to pursue his dreams.  But, I can enjoy his chattiness as he walks in at 1 am.   I can be entertained as he complains about his feet hurting after dancing so much.   I can laugh at his marveling that his watch kept lighting up on the dance floor telling him “you are doing a great job being so active.”.   Yes, being a parent is risky business because there is no instruction manual, no advanced degree, it is basically jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

Yesterday,  I watched this delightful young man pull off getting ready for his prom in five days.  He navigated it beautifully.  And while I have a deep dislike for Mother’s day, he took the time to get a beautiful arrangement for me while getting his corsage.   He is pretty spectacular.  Both of my boys are unique, mysterious, frustrating, thoughtful, loving, annoying, generous among a litany of other things, wrapped up in a huge bow of humanness.      It really can’t get any better than that.