Square Peg ● Round Hole







I redeemed myself from reaching a low point in parenting.   Bailey accepted my apology and commented that he really didn’t remember me saying that he was “stupid”.   All that shame for nothing.  Oh well, I was accountable and that is all I am trying to teach my boys.   Being that person who owns their mistakes.

On the same topic, Bailey commented that “he will never do that again” and while his intentions are pure, the reality is he will do it again.  In fact, he did it last night although not as late as the previous one.     His bedtime is 10:30.  Now,  I understand he is twenty-two.  A typical person his age would be able to stay up late and work the next day with no issue.   But, we aren’t dealing with typical.  We are dealing with an individual with a thyroid disorder who has low muscle tone and is standing on his feet for hours at a time.  I know…..I am a buzz kill.   He tells me that all the time.

After 11 pm last night, he told his father that he – meaning Brian – needs to get to bed before I come down and yell at him.    As Brian is telling me this while we were enjoying our coffee, I asked him, “Why didn’t you tell him that it was well past 10:30 and he needs to be in bed?”.  He commented that he didn’t know that was his bedtime.   I roll my eyes and exhale heavily knowing that those with large amounts of testosterone have hearing issues and memory problems.   That is my reality and soon I will be unconscious from beating my head against the wall.

The mysterious 17 year old didn’t come out of his room this morning.   Explaining he wasn’t hungry and then when he did emerge dressed and ready to leave, he was an asshole.  Honestly, I think this is all in preparation for him going to college in a little over a year.  I seriously believe that the hormones get so out of whack, that by the time he leaves next August, I will be ready to kick him out of a moving car.

If I remember correctly, I was not always a delight growing up.  I know, for those of you that know me, that is probably hard to believe.    Truth be told, I think my parents left skid marks when they dropped me off at college.    So, I am in a state of accepting that those individuals –  who happen to live here – are simply being human.    This is why I surround myself with female fur babies, so at least there is some good energy permeating the house.