Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is becoming increasingly obvious that social media has become a place where individuals create drama.  Their volatile posts are meant to poke at prospective victims who are then subject to ridicule if they don’t agree with them.   Unfortunately, many of those same individuals carry that toxic energy out into the world where it seeps out and spreads like a cancer.

The one advantage of social media is the ability to unfriend, unfollow, and simply, unplug from those people whose inward ugliness is no longer casting a shadow on the screen.   My attraction to someone, a potential friend or employer, is all about their actions.   Do they avoid drama?   Are they a part of the solution when drama unfolds?  Are they someone whose energy radiates a positive light that you simply want to be in their presence?      These are the qualities that attract me like a moth to a flame.  Ask me when I was in my twenties and thirties and I would have told you that those filled with drama were my cup of tea.  I loved swimming in the chaos.  I’ve changed since then.   I thrive in the peace.   I love those who dwell in their own hula hoop and allow others to do the same.   Allowing others to simply live their lives free of unwarranted opinions is the type of freedom that I have been yearning for and finally found.  I do it well most days, but my expertise lies in the ability to simply disconnect from those who simply aren’t in a place of happiness.    It is their calling to simply spread their “dis-ease” to everyone they meet.

I have choices.   What a concept!  I have choices of who I want to hang out with on social media and in person.    I love myself enough to never settle.    For me, it is all about what I want to radiate in the world and in this moment when hate and intolerance seem to have a reserved seat, I am all about letting it begin with me.    Remember, it is your actions that attract not your words.