Square Peg ● Round Hole







Tonight, Bryce is getting his senior ring.   While I am in a state of “how the hell did this happen so fast”, I am also swimming in pride.   Children are like clay.  You spend years molding them and then you stick them in the kiln to reveal the final product.  Now, I am so grateful that my parenting skills are much better than how I sculpted clay.  My mother still proudly displays one of my clay pieces that was suppose to be a candle yet looks more like a penis.

Tonight is a celebration marking his transition to his last year of high school.  Yes, I will shed some tears.  Yes, I will wonder how we got here so quickly.  But, I am mindful that I need to be fully present.    Not reminiscing in my head or projecting into the future, but absorbing this moment that marks another milestone.

I like Bryce.   Now, everyone loves their children, but there may be times when liking them is a stretch.  For me, I have always liked him – minus the first three years when he thought sleeping was optional.   I like the person that he is, the heart that he encompasses, and his generous spirit.     That is a true testament to the person that he is and the foundation that we provided.   Tonight, Brian and I can pat ourselves on the back and know that whatever Bryce chooses to embark on, he will do it with a lot of thought, heart, and most of all, drive.   He is very much like my father and what a man he was.   There is much to celebrate today and always.