Square Peg ● Round Hole







I always thought that the traditions we did as a family were geared for the parents.  Oh, I know, we say it is for the kids, but really, it is a sentimental thought that comforts us when our children leave the nest.    I believed that until yesterday.   When Bryce got home from his second to last day of exams, he asked, “Are we going to lunch after I get done with book return?”.  Every last day of school since he was in kindergarten, we have ventured out to his and Bailey’s favorite eatery to celebrate the beginning of summer and the demise of the alarm clock.

So, I will be honest, when he asked the question, I immediately was consumed will all the things on my to do list.   I really was in the mindset that none of those things could wait, but they can.    When my 17 year old son wants to continue our tradition and spend time with me, I must pay attention.   Next year will fly by.  There is no pause button.

So, maybe these traditions are created for both of us.    That while we are preparing for his departure, he is holding on to the familiar.  Those things that make him feel secure.  I never thought that maybe he has some trepidation too about his last year of high school. While the future is calling, the present is offering some comfort to both of us.  Staying in the moment while creating memories that can act as a security blanket when he does leave.

So, while as a mother I can grow increasingly emotional about the upcoming changes,  I need to remember that it isn’t all about me.   My child is embarking on the biggest transition of his life and it is up to me to provide that soft landing.  To reassure him and give him the space he needs.

Today, we will go to lunch and celebrate the end of his Junior year, the demise of the alarm clock, and the reality that just for today, we are creating another memory that we can thread into our emotional blanket.